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    Parental Consent Now Required (Click here for more information)
    All participants under age 18 are now required to have a signed parental consent form on file with the club. You can complete the form before the event and either scan it and send it to us by e-mail or bring it with you to the event.

    Join the Club! (Click here for details how to become a member)
    If you like what we do, we'd love for you to join our club! Club members get special notices by e-mail or regular mail as well as discounts on event prices.

  • September Club Newsletter Now Avaliable Online! September Newsletter (PDF Format)



  • Season Schedule

  • Next Phoenix Events.

    • Saturday and Sunday, September 16 and 17, 2017
      Fort Tuthill (Flagstaff)
      Saturday, September 16: Beginner's Clinic, 2 Sprints
      Sunday, September 17: 5-Hour Adventure Race, 2-Hour Score-O, Bike-O

      [image:O flag] Event Details [image:O flag] Pre-Register [image:O flag] Directions

      • Pre-Registration! While on-site registration is available, we charge more for on-site registration and we are not able to guarantee a map for those who don't pre-register. Pre-registering does not obligate you to come to the event, but your pre-registration helps us to know how many maps we need to print for a given event. Please help us by pre-registering if there's any chance you might come to one or more of our Ft. Tuthill events.

      • Update 11 Sep 2017: Bluegrass Festival this weekend at Fort Tuthill
        Please note that the "Pickin' in the Pines" Bluegrass Festival will take place this weekend at the Fort Tuthill County Park. Because of this, there will be a large amount of festival traffic in addition to vehicles for those of you attending our orienteering events. Please come early and make sure you know where to park for our events by double checking the map here. Look for one or two orange pop-up tents at our registration and start/finish sites just next to the Flagstaff Extreme office. We're looking forward to seeing you there.

      • Update 12 Sep 2017: Pre-Registration Closes Wednesday night at 11:59 PM
        Pre-registration closes Wednesday night at 11:59 PM. We use the pre-registration data to indicate the number of maps we need to print. While onsite registration is available, we can only guarantee you will get a map if you pre-register. Also, prices for our events are more expensive for those who do not pre-register.

    • Saturday and Sunday, October 14 and 15, 2017
      Petrified Forest Rogaines (Holbrook, AZ)
      Saturday, October 14: 4-Hour Rogaine
      Sunday, October 15: 4-Hour Rogaine

      [image:O flag] Event Details [image:O flag] Pre-Register [image:O flag] Directions: To Be Announced Later

      • Pre-Registration is Required! The Petrified Forest National Park does not allow any money exchange within the park. In addition, there is a strict limit to the number of competitors the Park is allowing for our events. Because of this, pre-registration is required for the Petrified Forest events using our on-line registration site.

        Once registered, you can pay the registration fee using the Paypal link that appears on the "Checkout" page of the pre-registration website or you can send the amount due either:

        1. By Paypal to treasurer@gphxo.org


        2. By check to:
           Petrified Forest Orienteering Event Registrar
           17803 N. 64th Drive
           Glendale, AZ 85308

    Next Tucson Events
    Other Orienteering Events.

    Upcoming Adventure Races

Orienteering dates back to the end of 19th century. The first competition took place in 1897 in Bergen (Norway), but it became more popular (especially in the Scandinavian countries) after the 1st world war. In 1961 the International Orienteering Federation was Created. Orienteering is a sport which is growing rapidly in the U.S.  (US Orienteering Federation ) and Canada. Orienteerers use topographical maps and compass to plan cross-country routes, and then use a variety of techniques to travel the route they have planned.

There are Orienteering activities/Competitions for people of all ages, at all levels of skill and fitness. Our goal is to provide activities and services to those individuals or organizations that will help them enjoy the outdoors more. If you are looking for fun new and different ways to enjoy the outdoors or if you think that we could be of service to you, please contact us.

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